GraveDigger- Tunes Of War, Tunes Of Wacken
Nightwish- Angels Fall First, Oceanborn, Wishmaster, Century Child, Once
Within Temptation- Enter
Therion- Of Darkness, Lepaca Kliffoth, Theli, Vovin, Crowning of Atlantis, Deggial
U2- Best Of 1980-1990
Meat Loaf- Bat Out Of Hell, Bat Out Of Hell II-Back Into Hell, Welcome To The Neighbourhood, Best Of-Doppelalbum
BonJovi: Keep The Faith, Best Of
Böhse Onkelz- Live Aus Dortmund, Dopamin
weitere geile Bands: AC/DC, Therapy?, Lustfinger, Crematory, Subway To Sally, Tote Hosen, Creed, Marylin Manson, Rammstein, etc.